Dec 19, 2019 by Struan Duncan-Wilson

Q: Does the pull ring come with a nut to secure it? If not, what size of nut will I need?

A: Yes, the pull ring comes with the nut.

Jun 25, 2019 by Paul Z

Q: X88-you write that this is 11 5/8 inch diameter. How accurate is this measurement? I intend to use this in my mash tun (the first brew kettle which I bought from Williams). This brew pot/mash tun is 11 3/4 inches in diameter. I hope the X-88 will work..

A: It wont fit well enough to work.

Feb 28, 2019 by Zach

Q: Will this work with a Grainfather system?

A: Yes

Feb 18, 2019 by Scott

Q: Does this false bottom come with the pull ring?

A: Yes

Dec 31, 2018 by Irving

Q: What is the diameter?

A: 11 5/8"

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