Sep 19, 2017 by Jared

Q: Is there a benefit to using this instead of the glass lid to convert the grainfather/robobrew into a fermenter?

A: Yes, this will seal the lid tightly, and a #10 stopper and airlock will fit perfectly into the 47mm hole. Keep in mind when using the Grainfather or Robobrew as a fermenter, you will need to sanitize the pump below the unit, which will fill with wort and yeast.

Aug 07, 2017 by Felix Belair

Q: Could fermenting in my Robobrew with this lid, after I did every steps like mashing, filtering hops, etc. in my robobrew, can damage in any way my Robobrew ? If not, don't you have any reviews on the Web that can confirm your answer ?

A: No, you can use this to ferment. Keep in mind you want to remove the trub from the boil before you start fermentation, so it would be best to transfer your cooled wort to a separate container before cleaning the Robobrew and pouring the wort back in. A 10½ stopper fits perfectly in the distilling lid, if you want a stopper and airlock.

Jul 10, 2017 by Shawn

Q: Does this lid fit on top of a Brewer's Edge mash and boil?

A: No, it does not, because the Mash & Boil is double wall, and wider.

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