Apr 15, 2022 by Stephen Gabriel

Q: Is it possible to get this tower but with only 1 tap assembly? I already have a 2 tap tower and wanted to upgrade to a third so I only need the 1 faucet assembly and lines and the 3 hole tower. I didn't see a 3 hole tower listed on your site by itself.

A: At present we only sell these with taps included. We will look into this for the future.

May 03, 2021 by John

Q: Is there room in the tower for a coldtower cooling line? They seem like a complete package - is there anything else I need to install it?

A: Yes, there is room for a cooling air pipe like the one that is included in our Tower Cooling Kit item Q61. It is a 3" diameter tower, so you have at least and inch and a half of space to play with inside the tower as far as installing a cooling pipe.

Aug 11, 2020 by Brandon

Q: How are the 4 attachment holes positioned relative to the faucets? Are they aligned with the middle faucet or more inline with the left and right faucet? Seeing if I can reuse my existing holes without the tower being rotated.

A: They are more aligned with the left and right faucet holes.

Dec 11, 2019 by Ryan

Q: I was wondering if this would work on a beverage air single tap Kegerator?

A: It has a 3" diameter base, and if you click on one of the thumbnail pictures on the product, it shows a ruler across the 4 screw holes. If your kegerator is compatible with this diameter tower, and can accommodate the screw hole spacing, this should work.

Oct 02, 2019 by John

Q: Does this come assembled? Instructions included? And what are the splitters for? Why 2? Thanks!

A: No, you assemble this with the included wrench. Instructions for attaching to a Kegland Kegerator are included. There are two splitters because gas tubing is included, and if you were installing this in a kegerator, you would need both splitters to end up with three gas lines for three kegs.

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