Jan 04, 2018 by Walter

Q: What is the interior depth? Would like to know for the chiller dimensions.

A: The interior depth is 18.25"

Dec 14, 2017 by Anthony Armstrong

Q: I have just received a Boil & Mash - I am thinking of using it as a fermenter with the distilling lid. After mashing & boiling is there a significant 'trub' and if so, would I need to somehow get rid of it before fermenting in the unit ?

A: Yes there is, and for best results, you will need to pour off your fresh wort into another container, clean out the trub and hop particles, and then put it back in the Mash & Boil.

Dec 11, 2017 by Jim Werner

Q: What are the inside dimensions of the grain basket?

A: 16¾" tall, 9¾" wide

Dec 04, 2017 by David

Q: The manual states to not use an extension cord, is this for safety or power reasons? If one were to use an e.c., what rating should the chord be and should the GFCI be placed between the units cord and extension cord or on the home outlet?

A: For safety reasons, the unit should be plugged directly into a GFCI outlet, rated at 15 amps or more. Sorry, we cannot recommend any other way to use the Mash & Boil.

Nov 28, 2017 by Mike Bingaman

Q: Do you recommend using a grain bag, inside the malt tube?

A: We have not found it necessary, but it can be done during the mash.

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