Dec 03, 2016 by Ben

Q: Assuming a person has a pump (and probably adds rice hulls) can a mash be re-circulated effectively with the Mash & Boil?

A: We have not tried this, but it should be possible. On both sides of the grain basket when it is in the Mash & Boil (during the mash) there is 1" of hot water surrounding the basket, so clogging may not be an issue. You would just have to rig up a pump from the 1/2" hose barb outlet back up to the top.

Dec 01, 2016 by Aaron

Q: What are the physical dimensions of the product, especially when you have the sparging bucket lifted fully?

A: 28” tall closed, 40” tall with basket on top, 14” wide.

Dec 01, 2016 by Steve

Q: After mashing, does the grain basket lift up & twist to lock, or do you have to slip in a grid in for support?

A: You pull the basket up then twist 1/4 turn and it rests on a support ring.

Nov 30, 2016 by Benson

Q: Say I want to have mash rests at multiple temperatures, 142F for 30 minutes then ramp up to 156F for 30 minutes. Would this multi rest mash be possible on the Mash & Boil?

A: This would be possible, but not as easy as a single temperature infusion mash. To do this, heat your strike water to 149° F. and mix in your grain. Your mash should end up at around 142° F. Turn down the thermostat to 142° and wait 20 minutes. Then turn the thermostat up to 156° and stir every few minutes until the mash temperature reaches 156° (this will take about 15-20 minutes to heat). Then complete your mash and sparge as normal.

Nov 29, 2016 by Larry

Q: How well does it maintain temp?

A: When we use it, we set mash in temperature at 160 or 162° F. After mixing in the crushed grain, the mash temperature is about 152 to 154° F. We mix it thoroughly at this point and set the thermostat to 150° F. After closing the lid and waiting an hour, the mash temperature is usually around 154° or sometimes as low as 152°. It helps to open the lid and stir halfway through the mash.

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