Feb 13, 2017 by Alan

Q: What is the average amount of boil-off per hour?

A: 1/2 gallon and sometimes a little more per hour.

Feb 12, 2017 by Matt

Q: I'm weighing all the possibilities between this product and the Grainfather. Other than the pump and chiller, which I can use from my current set up, can you tell me about the distilling options? Will a GF dome attachment work? Is there a plan for one?

A: A Grainfather dome attachment will not work, as it is a slightly different diameter. Thanks for the suggestion on distilling options.

Feb 11, 2017 by Brad

Q: After the boil, when I am using an immersion chiller in the Mash & Boil, will the thermostat show the actual temperature of the wort as it is cooling or do I need a thermometer for that?

A: If you keep the unit plugged in with the power on, even if the display is turned off so it does not heat, it will still show current temperature in the unlighted digital display.

Feb 10, 2017 by Bryan

Q: With the power adjust switch, do you only need to switch it to 1600W when raising water temp? So, switch to 1600W when heating strike water, switch it off when mashing @ 150, and then switch back to 1600W when raising temp to boil?

A: We leave our Mash & Boil at 1600W for the entire process. The 1000 Watt switch gives you the option of leaving it at 1000W if you have a weaker circuit without enough amps (15) to power the Mash & Boil at full power. You could use 1600 W only for raising temperatures and boiling, while leaving it at 1000 W for mashing and you would not experience a delay in performance.

Feb 09, 2017 by Brian

Q: How tall is the unit? Since the digital unit is near the bottom, it looks like a person should put on a table or stand. If you do this, then your basket is up super high at sparge time. Recommended stand height based on this?

A: The Mash & Boil is 41" tall when the Sparging Basket is resting on top. We have found that a short stand of 14" or so tall works well as a compromise on this.

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