Aug 25, 2017 by Jeff

Q: Hello, How long is the cord that comes with it? What happens if you don't use a GFCI outlet but just a regular three prong outlet? How heavy is the mash tube when saturated with grain? Does it need two people to pick it up?

A: The cord is 5'. It will work without a GFCI but safety will be compromised. The grain basket weighs about 37 pounds when you lift it and twist to start sparging, and is not hard to lift with one person. PS: We are currently out of stock, but will have more around September 4th.

Aug 07, 2017 by Bob

Q: The 2.5G Wit recipe listed in the Mash&Boil Blog states 3.5 gallons pre-boil with 1G boiled off after 60 mins to make 2.5 gallons. Does this result in 2.5 gallons in the fermenter or should I plan for around 2.2 gallons due to the space under the spout?

A: We ended up with 2.5 gallons in the fermenter. Keep in mind the space under the spout is full of trub. You will have to tilt the Mash & Boil slightly to get the last bit of clear wort out, but you will end up with about 2.5 gallons.

Aug 05, 2017 by Garry

Q: Hi, i wan to buy this sytem and use it in europe (220V). Does the system support 220V input? Or am i going to need a converter? Best Regards, Garry.

A: No, it only supports 110 volts.

Jul 06, 2017 by Balaji

Q: How would you suggest using the Mash and Boil to do a batch sparge? Seems like it might be tricky with the elevated grain basket having a false bottom.

A: The Mash & Boil is not designed for batch sparging, as it has a sparging basket that elevates. You also cannot do brew in a bag (unless you use the sparging basket and line the basket with the grain bag). If you take out the sparging basket and line the unit with a grain bag, it will set off the ER4 error code because the bag will block heat circulation.

Jun 26, 2017 by Steve Winberg

Q: What is the minimum amount you can boil with this unit?

A: A 2.5 gallon batch is as small as you want to go with this unit.

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