Dec 29, 2022 by Vyacheslav Nykyforov

Q: What exact type of stainless steel is used in Mash and Boil? Is it food safe?

A: 301 grade stainless, yes it is food safe.

Jun 03, 2022 by Roger Kleine

Q: What is the height of the temp probe in the Series 2 M&B. I have a series 1, that I bought in 2017, that probe is short (about 7mm). I ask because mine sometimes gets covered in trub and then the temp controller reads and responds incorrectly.

A: The probe height is the same in the Series 2 as it was in the Series 1.

Apr 27, 2022 by Martha D.

Q: If I wanted to replace the valve or add a quick release…what size would work? * I have the first generation mash and boil without pump and sparge arm.

A: You cannot replace the valve except with the exact same replacement valve, otherwise leaks will occur through the double walls. As far as quick release, the valve is threaded 1/2" male BSP, and 1/2" female BSP or NPT fittings will fit like our item L70 Snaplock Adapter.

Apr 11, 2022 by Patrick

Q: What wort temps are safe to use the pump with? I want to recirculate to create a whirlpool around 180F. Is this okay?

A: While the pump can handle the temperature, we do not recommend running the pump after the boil as the hop matter could cause the pump to clog.

Mar 26, 2022 by Dan C

Q: I bought the first M & B from you in Nov, 2020. I’d like to know if the Series 2 mash basket fits mine and if so, will the new design improve efficiency, particularly with larger grain bills?

A: Yes, the new Series 2 Basket Fits and provides more flow, and is item L25 on our website. It is out of stock, but should be in by mid May.

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