May 23, 2018 by Steve

Q: Since this unit is for multiple kegs, doe it have a manifold for the gas lines?

A: No, it includes gas tees, to split the lines. You could install a manifold if you wanted.

Apr 28, 2018 by Don

Q: Will the 60 liter Speidel fermenter fit inside the Keg King kegerator?

A: It will fit a fermenter up to 18" wide by 18" deep and 26" tall.

Apr 19, 2018 by Mark

Q: What is the diameter of the tower? Can I easily swap it out for the 3” tower from my existing kegerator?

A: Our towers are 3" diameter so this will probably work. For a closer look at the mounting holes see our item i86 for example. There is a close up picture of the bottom with a ruler for reference.

Feb 22, 2018 by Nick Walsh

Q: I would like to fit the CO2 tank inside on the small shelf along with 3 each 1/6 bbl kegs. Can you tell me if the tank will fit? Also, I would like to add a 3 line gas manifold to the inside, where can I drill mounting holes? Velcro Strap made wrong or?

A: This kegerator will not fit 3 1/6 bbl kegs as they are a bit wider than 5 gallon Ball Lock homebrew kegs. It can only fit 2 1/6 bbl kegs. It will fit 2 kegs (either kind) and a CO2 tank.

Feb 07, 2018 by Dan

Q: Can a second gas bracket be installed on the back to allow mixed gas to serve a nitro stout?

A: We do not recommend drilling more holes in the back of the unit, but a second tank can be placed on the ground next to or behind the unit, or even inside if there is room.

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