Jul 02, 2018 by Felix

Q: What is the ID of the beverage line that comes with the Kegarator. Also, what size would fit the SS Intertap faucets. Thanks

A: The ID is 5mm which is close to 3/16" It fits the included intertap tower shanks and faucets well. It is very snug on 1/4" barbs, such as most ball lock connectors, so it needs to be soaked in boiling water to fit. This is explained in the setup manual which you can check out on the product page.

May 23, 2018 by Steve

Q: Since this unit is for multiple kegs, doe it have a manifold for the gas lines?

A: No, it includes gas tees, to split the lines. You could install a manifold if you wanted.

Apr 28, 2018 by Don

Q: Will the 60 liter Speidel fermenter fit inside the Keg King kegerator?

A: It will fit a fermenter up to 18" wide by 18" deep and 26" tall.

Apr 19, 2018 by Mark

Q: What is the diameter of the tower? Can I easily swap it out for the 3” tower from my existing kegerator?

A: Our towers are 3" diameter so this will probably work. For a closer look at the mounting holes see our item i86 for example. There is a close up picture of the bottom with a ruler for reference.

Feb 22, 2018 by Nick Walsh

Q: I would like to fit the CO2 tank inside on the small shelf along with 3 each 1/6 bbl kegs. Can you tell me if the tank will fit? Also, I would like to add a 3 line gas manifold to the inside, where can I drill mounting holes? Velcro Strap made wrong or?

A: This kegerator will not fit 3 1/6 bbl kegs as they are a bit wider than 5 gallon Ball Lock homebrew kegs. It can only fit 2 1/6 bbl kegs. It will fit 2 kegs (either kind) and a CO2 tank.

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