Nov 09, 2020 by Alan

Q: Can I use this in my garage?

A: Yes, although in excessively hot environments, the compressor life will be shortened.

Jul 09, 2020 by c-rus

Q: My neighborhood can't fit tractor is this unit delivered?

A: This is delivered by a tractor trailer via a major trucking company. We can also arrange to have you pick up the unit at a freight terminal near you if this is what you need. Please call 800-759-6025 or for more details.

Jan 01, 2020 by Keith

Q: I've just recently ordered the kegerator with no tower, as I have my existing hardware from my previous kegerator. Does this unit still come with the tower attachment screws, and if not does anyone know what the thread sizes are?

A: It does not come with tower screws. Tower screws are M5-0.8 metric thread.

Oct 12, 2019 by Robert Lander

Q: I purchased 2 of these from you. I'm having trouble with one. The back of the unit inside has a thick layer of ice and the lines keep freezing? We have the temp set at 34 and have tried adjusting but no luck. What can I try?

A: It sounds like humidity over time has frozen on the back plate of your kegerator and caused this problem. Unplug the iced up kegerator and open the door, and let it sit 48 hours for the ice behind and in front of the cooling plate to all melt. Then once the ice pack has melted, plug it back in, and it should cool as normal.

Sep 10, 2019 by fenton

Q: How is the carbon dioxide conveyed into the system? That is, what type of fitting is there that the CO2 tank must attach to. I am assuming I can use the 25 lb tank I have now. provided I plumb in the appropriate fitting. Is this correct?

A: There is a grommet on the back of the kegerator to accept your gas line. With a 25 lb tank you will not be able to store the tank on the kegerator, so it will need to sit on the ground. The kegerator does not come with any lines or fittings allowing you to set it up to meet your needs. Our complete tower kits come with the lines, but the fittings are sold separately.

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