Mar 15, 2017 by Will

Q: Do you have any more detailed method to calculate the correct serving line length for these kegerators? The instructions say "3 to 4 meters" but that seems like a wide range.

A: We just use the included 3/16" tubing which has an approximate 3' length for each faucet. If excessive foaming occurs, it is probably due to keg pressure, overly high dispensing pressure, or warm beer in the tower (turn on the cooling fan to cool down the tower).

Mar 03, 2017 by Will

Q: Is it possible to substitute in the flow control faucets on the three faucet option?

A: We are currently out of flow control faucets, we are looking into offering this option in late April 2017.

Mar 03, 2017 by Will

Q: Would it be possible to slide this under a countertop if I cut the right sized hole in the top to mount the tower? Would I be able to mount the tower to the counter top instead of to the kegorator?

A: See page 13 of the pdf Kegerator instructions for more on this. Basically, you will need 4" clear space on both sides of the kegerator for ventilation to prevent the compressor from burning out. As per the picture on page 13 of the instructions, it is possible to mount it under a counter, as long as you give enough clearance for ventilation.

Mar 03, 2017 by Will

Q: Are the included faucets the stainless faucets or the plated faucets?

A: They are solid stainless, not nickel plated brass.

Mar 01, 2017 by Eric

Q: Should the button spring retainer in the bottom be "free-floating" when the knob is not attached to the MKIII regulator? Appears to set pressure correctly, but it can move freely when the knob isn't in there.

A: Yes, it is free floating until the knob is attached. Best to keep the knob attached at all times, the regulator is shipped with the knob off to reduce the size of its box, but the knob should be left on once the regulator is unboxed.

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