Apr 05, 2017 by Tom

Q: If I were to install a Taprite two or three body secondary regulator as high as possible on the left wall of the unit (and forego the glass holder), could I still fit 3 kegs inside? Either the skinnier ball locks or shorter pin locks?

A: Your regulator assembly with hoses would have to be no longer than 10" long overall. You could do this easily with the narrower ball lock kegs, or with a mix of 1 wider pin lock and two narrower ball lock kegs, as long as at least one keg was smaller than 5 gallons. If you had 3 five gallon kegs, this would not fit. Keep in mind Kegerators are not returnable if the inside walls have been drilled.

Mar 28, 2017 by Fitz

Q: Will this fit 3 pin lock kegs since they have a larger diameter than ball locks?

A: Yes, three 5 gallon pin lock kegs will fit.

Mar 18, 2017 by Jonas Larsson

Q: I already have faucets, can this be purchased with only the 3 faucet tower but without faucets? Price if so?

A: Currently, these are only available with a choice of towers and faucets already included. We do not have partial kegerators at this time.

Mar 15, 2017 by Will

Q: Do you have any more detailed method to calculate the correct serving line length for these kegerators? The instructions say "3 to 4 meters" but that seems like a wide range.

A: We just use the included 3/16" tubing which has an approximate 3' length for each faucet. If excessive foaming occurs, it is probably due to keg pressure, overly high dispensing pressure, or warm beer in the tower (turn on the cooling fan to cool down the tower).

Mar 03, 2017 by Will

Q: Is it possible to substitute in the flow control faucets on the three faucet option?

A: We are currently out of flow control faucets, we are looking into offering this option in late April 2017.

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