Nov 10, 2017 by Kenneth Traynham

Q: Not really a question but info for future purchases. This will not work on a Monster Mill 3. I had to buy a couple of Lovejoy couplers and a Lox to make it work.

A: As stated in the online discriiption: This motor is made to work with 2 or three roller mill with a 12mm drive shaft and 1½" diameter rollers. It will fit mills with a different size drive shaft with some modifications to the couplers as you stated. NOTE: This is for mills with 1½" diameter rollers only, it will not drive larger mills with 2" diameter rollers.

Feb 19, 2017 by Mack

Q: Would this work on a monster mill?

A: It will work if the mill has a 12mm diameter shaft. Your mill may have a 3/8" shaft, which means this will not work, but our dual roller kit (item B59) will work if you increase the coupler gap per the instructions on our website for B59.

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