Aug 09, 2018 by Thomas

Q: I want to use this pump to supply cooling water for a small marine air conditioner. Can this pump be run continuously?

A: This pump does have a continuous duty cycle so it can run for extended periods of time, however it wasn't designed to be run 24/7 so we cannot guarantee it will run forever without rest periods or overheating.

Jul 09, 2018 by Tom

Q: I'm looking for a replacement impeller for my pump, the magnets in mine has swelled and prevented it from pumping, would this be something I could purchase from Williams brewing? Thanks!

A: Yes, we have this, search for Impeller part X11

Mar 19, 2018 by Jordan

Q: Is there any specification for the wetted components on this pump? I understand the Impeller and Head are both made of PSU what are the seals made from? and then metal shaft that spins the impeller?

A: Nitrile,stainless steel, and Xarec plastic. Xarec plastic is a high temperature plastic very similar to polysulphone that is very stable, with good chemical resistance.

Mar 18, 2018 by Mitch

Q: Does the pump need to be disassembled and cleaned after use, or could it be circulated with starsan and left a closed system until next brew session?

A: Circulated and left closed is fine, no need to disassemble between uses.

Mar 09, 2018 by Brian

Q: Can the flow of this pump be slowed down by connecting it to a voltage regulator or speed controller? I'm using it to recirc. my mash and it empties the mash tun of liquid before it drains back through the grain bed.

A: This is usually done with a restricting valve on the outlet to throttle back flow. You cannot hurt the pump, because it is magnetic drive and this will not overheat the motor.

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