Mar 29, 2018 by Jacob

Q: Do you have an adapter that will work on the Bayou Classic SP10? Thanks

A: No, the Classic Sp10 is for propane only.

Nov 29, 2017 by Shane

Q: I have searched for the exact 3/8" flared gas fitting. I want to adapt this to a 3/8" or 1/2" house barb. I think the issue I am having is finding an adapter with the correct bevel. Is that a 45 dye or 37 degree bevel? Attach a link of the exact part, tx

A: 45° angle on our gas valves.

Oct 08, 2017 by Shawn

Q: Have you received any feedback (or know the answer to) using this size orifice at high altitudes? Above 5,000 feet. Thanks!

A: We have sold several thousand and never have heard of any issues with higher elevation use.

Sep 19, 2017 by Shawn Sleeper

Q: Will this valve work with the Edellmetall Bru burner?

A: We are not sure, if the Edellmetall has a ¼" male NPT port for its orifice, it will probably work.

Jul 29, 2017 by Coolie

Q: Will this natural gas valve work on the Concord 10" diameter Banjo Burner?

A: If this burner has a female 1/4" orifice port, this will work.

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