Mar 01, 2022 by Craig

Q: Do you need a regulator when converting a BG 14 Banjo burner to natural gas with the 1/4" NPT Hurricane Natural Gas conversion valve.

A: A regulator is not used on a natural gas conversion as the gas pressure is regulated at your gas meter. LPG is under high pressure and so a regulator is needed for an LPG burner. Be sure to have the conversion installed by a professional.

Nov 17, 2020 by Bruce

Q: Hi, I reached out a few weeks ago to ask if this will work with the Anvil Forge Burner. I wanted to let you guys know that I tried it and it fits. The information may help your future customers.

A: Thanks!

Oct 22, 2020 by Bruce

Q: Will this work with the Anvil Forge Burner?

A: If the Anvil Forge burner has a 1/4" NPT threaded inlet to install this, it should work.

May 07, 2018 by Nick

Q: Does this work with a Bayou Classic SQ14?

A: No, the SQ14 is a high pressure burner, designed for higher pressure propane only.

Apr 04, 2018 by Hiram

Q: Do you know if this will work with Concord 16" Banjo Single Burner Stove?

A: If the Concord Banjo has a 1/4" female NPT port for the orifice, and the burner is suitable for use with natural gas, this should work. Check with the Concord manufacturer to see if this unit can be converted to natural gas.

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