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The first one

Review by Erik on 9/21/2007

Pros: This was my first ever batch. New to home brewing. After my first taste of this one, all I could do was smile. That smile was on my face for a week. Super easy to brew and the taste was amazing. Could not have asked for a better first brew session.

Cons: Only one thing. I ran out.

Great beer easy to brew and drink.

Review by Gtrrock482 on 1/13/2008

Pros: This beer is very flavorful, and easy to drink.

Cons: None


Review by Harold H. on 3/8/2008

Pros: This beer reminded me of a beer that my grandfather use to berw. When I brewed this kit I remember saying to myself that I wished my grandfather was hear to enjoy it with me. It is a great kit.

Ramp up Old American Ale

Review by CNY BrewBill on 8/15/2008

Pros: If you are a Bud-Coors-Miller person, you will be pleased with Old American Ale, but if you are used to Stone IPA, Old American Ale will be a lot less appealing to you. I’ve been brewing for 3 years and I have made this beer about five times. It is a crowd pleaser for the common beer drinker. For a couple of batches I have dry hopped with an ounce or two of cascade. In that form this beer moves up in opinion scale of the people that look at Stone IPA as the standard. For one batch I added 1 pound of amber DME to the boil. That ramps up the alcohol context and gives a slight bost to the favor. This is an easy kit to make and a perfect one for the beginner.

Cons: Liquid malt extract from other home brew kits comes in cans. The first couple of Williams kits I made I had syrup all over my fingers.

First brew.....

Review by Zacbrew on 2/2/2009

Pros: This beer was very easy to make. The outcome was good the first time I did it, the flavor was good, nice feel of alcohol on the tongue. It was a good way to get my brew hat on. It was pleasing to a variety of people too.

Cons: I feel this beer tastes kind of like a heffeweisen and not quite as hearty as the ale I expected it to be. My second batch was considerably weaker than the first. The flavor, though pleasing is too reminiscent of a heffe to be called an ale to me. It has inspired me to try new kits.

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