Average rating 9.10344827586207 out of 10 ( based on 29 reviews )

Refreshing Light Ale

Review by Ethan M on 2/19/2010

Pros: Easy to make. Nice clean flavor. Will need to make again.

Cons: Took 5 week for flavor to fully develop.

Very drinkable

Review by John W. on 2/6/2010

Pros: This was my 2nd ever batch, easy to brew for a beginner and very tasty! Even had some German students here and they said that this was the best tasting American beer that they had ever had.

Cons: Everyone likes this so well that it leaves little for the brewer to drink themselves. :-)

German Ale

Review by Joseph B. on 5/3/2009

Pros: Easy to follow instructions for a first time brewer. Three hours for brewing and a half hour for clean up. One week in fermenter so far. Anxious to see results of fermentation. Need a few items for my "Brewery" to finish off a great experience. Going to order a second batch in anticipation of a great ale this July.

Cons: None experienced as far as brewing goes. Eager to test the final product.

Great Beer

Review by Trevor K. on 3/24/2009

Pros: Easy to brew, good flavored and light beer. Definite brew again.

Cons: It ran out... Now I need to brew more

A solid choice

Review by Alan C. on 1/19/2009

Pros: I brewed this as an ocktoberfest beer since William's does not offer a specific kit in that category. I first served it at an outdoor BBQ where half of batch was consumed in one event! It appeals to all even those not normally seeking a beer beyond the mass produced stuff. Lucky that I kept back some for myself.

Cons: None noted.