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Doing this one again right away

Review by Rob on 1/2/2014

Brewed this one about 5 weeks before Christmas and was ready for Christmas, and tastes great this may be my favorite but Brown Ale is my Wife's favorite and I also want to try a wheat, so I'll probably be buying 3 kits this time around. My Christmas break from brewing is over I'll probably brew up the wheat first.

Another Extract Beer stuck at 1.020

Review by Randall on 10/18/2013

This was my first Williams Kit and was disappointed that the fermentation quit at 1.020. Even though the instructions say to bottle at 1.026 or lower, 1.020 is a very weak alcohol percentage and no where near 4.5%. This seems to be a very common issue in extract brewing, but I was hoping that the extract was of higher quality and would ferment lower. The beer itself turned out nice but slightly sweet. Maybe it will improve with age. William's replies: The extract for the German Ale is purposely made with a lot of dextrins for a full body and a flavor profile more towards sweet than bitter. That is the way this kit is formulated, to produce a balanced German-style ale. Like all beers, it will get a bit drier with age, particularly if aged at 55 to 68 degrees F. Hope it gets better for you!

German Ale

Review by Kurt on 10/17/2013

Nice balanced, malty German Ale. Easy brewing for the beginner or intermediate extract brewer. My wife and brothers-in-law really enjoyed this brew even though it is not their typical style. A nice change of pace if you need a brew that will appeal to your middle-of-the-road family and friend craft beer drinkers. Recommend.

Zee German Ale

Review by robert on 7/26/2013

So I have this German neighbor and I gave him one. He said it was excellent and it reminded him of how beer tastes in central Germany tastes. Good enough for me! I love it.

First brewing kit for a first time brewer

Review by Forrest on 4/12/2013

I have always wanted to brew my own beer and recently I received this kit as a present. I cannot think of a better brew kit to use as my first brewing experience. The instructions were easy to understand and the brewing process was extremely easy. This beer has amazing flavors that I feel is better than some store bought ales. My buddy even thought the same thing when he tried my beer. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a fine German Ale.