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Makes siphoning less stressful for me

Review by Kat A. on 8/16/2007

Pros: This was fairly easy to figure out and took the pain out of getting a siphon going with a respectable lees to beer ratio.

Cons: Almost too big to get in the neck of my carboy and my gasket leaks as well but the price makes up for that (and the minimization of my frustration).

Easy to use & break

Review by Brian R. on 6/22/2007

Pros: Once you get it working, it works very well and fast.

Cons: It took me 20 minutes to understand how to use it because the instructions were terrible. Apparently the french Canadian who wrote it did not have a very good translater. Also I broke the cane very easily trying to get the tubing off.

Simple to use

Review by Greg W. on 2/21/2007

Pros: Sounds like the guy below me got one with a defective gasket. Mine worked great, unfortunately I have to get another one. Easy to strip down and clean.

Cons: DO NOT SANITIZE WITH GRAIN ALCOHOL! Who would have thought Everclear© would cause the clear plastic to self destruct? It made a crinkling noise and shattered like tempered glass. Much profanity ensued.

No good seal

Review by Edward V. on 10/28/2006

Pros: Has the potential to be a good siphon

Cons: Seal was not there at all, I tried it in a carboy with sanitizer and the liguid just ran part the rubber seal and up the main tube, not up the siphone hose

A carboy's best friend

Review by Stephen F. on 10/29/2005

Pros: I heve used my auto siphon very effectively to rack each batch of mead I made. (never spilled a drop of golden goodness) I highly recommend this to anyone who is using a glass carboy for wine, beer or mead.

Cons: none