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Easy Siphon

Review by notnewton on 7/14/2008

Pros: This is the easiest method of transfering beer or wine that I have found. There is no more messing around with filling the tube with water to create suction or risking contamination by using your mouth. I would recomend this product to everyone.

Cons: None yet

Can't live without it

Review by Brad W. on 7/14/2008

Pros: It makes transfers so easy I don't know what I did before I bought this. It breaks down and cleans easily and quickly. Great product!

Cons: none

Good for the pirce!

Review by Michael D. on 3/24/2008

Pros: I’ve always had trouble transferring from primary to secondary and to the bottling bucket. This product works pretty well. It’s easy to use. You need to make sure there's a good height difference between the two vessels but otherwise you simply pull the racking cane up and push it back down and the transfer starts. Very simple.

Cons: The bottom tip sits up pretty high so it doesn't suck up a lot of sediment in the transfer. That's good for the transfer from the primary when you have a lot of trub, but it seem to waste a lot when you go from secondary to bottling. I wish there was some way to adjust the height of the cap on the botton.


Review by Jeff C. on 1/22/2008

Pros: worked great for about 6 months

Cons: then the curved end snapped off!


Review by chris.kerkstra on 10/13/2007

Pros: Very easy to get a siphon.

Cons: The curved end broke off mine fairly quickly, and now it's difficult to keep a good siphon. The plastic is a little too brittle for too many uses. I'll stick to a SS racking cane.