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Review by Carl on 9/18/2011

You would think they would make these thin enough to fit in all carboy necks, but it doesn't fit in mine. Better off buying an auto siphon they are thinner. total waste of money.

Auto Siphon - Good with a but...

Review by Rich M. on 2/9/2010

Pros: The siphon is easy to use, easy to start, and easy to clean. I have a stainless steel racking cane, but almost always use this siphon. It's just so much easier to deal with. Worth the investment.

Cons: The neck is to fragile. The plastic tubing slides over the neck pretty easily when damp and warm. Once it seats, it's nearly impossible to get off. I like to replace my tubing periodically and broke the neck of the racking cane trying to remove the old tube. If it hadn't broke so easily, I'd rate this product a 10.

Why didn't I get this sooner?

Review by DANIEL A. on 2/8/2010

Pros: I try not to splurge on equipment because it is a slippery slope: there is always just one more piece of kit that will make brewing that much easier and more fun. But after getting a bit sloppy trying to keep a siphon going, I got this device. It is the single thing that has most made brewing easier, neater, and that much more enjoyable.

Cons: I've not had any of the troubles others have noted. To sanitize I just siphon sanitizing fluid through when I'm done.

Makes life easier

Review by Matthew M. on 9/3/2008

Pros: I'm no longer worried about losing my siphon since restarting it is a simple one handed process. This is a very useful piece of hardware. It can be a bit cumbersome to sanitize and clean, but I no longer have to start a siphon with my mouth or muck around with filling the tube with water in advance.

Cons: You have to make sure the tubing is attached well. It's possible for there to be a slight gap near the top that aerates the beer. A firmly attached plastic tube, shrunk slightly with a few minutes under hot water, has resolved this problem for me. You can't disassemble the cane for cleaning. This makes rinsing more complicated, but not impossible.

Transfer Woes Be Gone!

Review by Michael D. on 7/30/2008

Pros: I've used many different transfer methods with spotty success but this piece of equipment makes it easy. Simple to use and works every time.

Cons: No major issues really. It's long so it's a little tough to sanitize and rinse. Just make sure you have a large enough differential between the height of the two transfer vessels.