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Keg Pressure tester

Review by Adam on 7/20/2018

Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect for checking the pressure when force carb a keg.

Keg Pressure Tester

Review by Abimael D. Rodriguez on 9/4/2018

Achieving the perfect forced carbonated beer more often than not is an elusive target at best. With this wonderful tool you can always aimed at the right volume of CO2 with very high accuracy. Worth every penny!

This is just what I needed to condition a keg of farmhouse

Review by Ryan on 10/24/2018

This thing is super cool. It works on the Corney setup, but you can buy the gas adapter from Williams to use it on a Sanke. That’s how I set it up. Take the guess work out of conditioning and pick this up now. You will love it

good tool to have

Review by Suddsy on 11/5/2018

reads accurately, but stays at reading until next reading, never goes back to zero when disconnected. I still am glad I bought it!!!

Keg Pressure tester

Review by Susan on 2/14/2019

awesome device. super handy to have for taking the guess work out of the equation

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