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Great gauge!

Review by Riki on 2/9/2014

Great for monitoring the pressure of the keg when it is not connected to the CO2 tank. I use it in conjunction when taking the keg "to go", and dispensing CO2 with a cartridge.

Great for pressure check and leak testing

Review by Daniel on 12/31/2015

I bought this to use to check the pressure on my kegs when I am brewing more than one keg tells me what the CO2 pressure is without having to connect a tank Also use it when cleaning and checking mty kegs for leaks before filling with a great homebrewed ale

Great asset

Review by Ted on 1/5/2016

The gauge works exactly as described. I do notice a slight difference in the pressure it reads and the pressure my regulator is set at but I don't know which is actually correct. I'm seeing 1-2 lbs difference b/w the two. This is a great asset to any brewer's equipment inventory. Using it; I was quick to diagnose a problem with lack of carbonation pressure in my latest batch of Honey ESB. Precisely what I wanted it for. So now I will have to force carb this batch and find a good carbonation yeast to use for the next batch. The London ESB 1968 is giving me trouble during the carbonation phase on the last few batches of this particular brew. Any carbonation yeast suggestions from this group?


Review by AN on 1/4/2017

Works as expected.

just what I needed

Review by Gene on 8/23/2017

Brewed 4 kegs worth of beer for an upcoming party and keg conditioned for the first time. I wanted to check on the pressure so I picked this up. Good thing, too, as it turns out one had leaked.

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