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Keg Pressure Monitor

Review by Michael S. on 7/13/2008

Pros: Great piece of equipment. I now have three, and have them permanently fitted to my kegs. Just a glance, and I know how my conditioning is going, or if I have any leaky seals.

Cons: None found so far.

Measures Pressure but disappointing

Review by Jesse on 9/6/2011

The gauge works but I've found that within seconds of attaching it the pressure inside of the keg leaks through the gauge. So to get an accurate reading I have to attach it and immediately note the initial reading before the keg starts losing pressure and the needle on the gauge drops. I'd like to keep it attached to the keg as the other reviewer noted but I haven't had any luck on any of my kegs because of the pressure loss.

Great tool for monitoring carbonation

Review by Gustavo on 1/20/2012

I have several kegs carbonating at the same time, this makes it simpler to just go around checking them to see if they need to be adjusted w/o having to connect the co2 tank regulartor on each.

Works for me.

Review by Alexander on 11/9/2012

Handy way to quickly check pressure in kegs that are not currently connected to co2. I haven't left it connected for any great length of time, so my review is based on momentary testing.

head brewmaster

Review by Josh on 10/17/2013

I have 4 of these now and they work like they are suppose to. I have been using them for over 6 months now. It sure is nice knowing that my keg has not lost its pressure.

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