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Cheapest way to tap into oxygen

Review by Greg on 1/21/2012

Using with disposable oxygen cans from Lowes to spray oxygen into headspace of carboy before shakingt to improve wort aeration. This method is suggested on Wyeast's website as it gets you more dissolved oxygen over just shaking the carboy with ambient air. This product works as advertised and is priced better here than on some other websites.

Great Product!

Review by Chad Leonard on 5/13/2011

One of the only places to find just the regulator. Works fantastically well with O2 bottles from the home imporovement stores. Well worth the price.

Great regulator for the price

Review by Rich on 5/13/2011

This is a good regulator for the price. I was unable to find another like it for cheaper. It doesnt have all the bells and whistles like a medical regulator but works fine for aeration.

Difficult to find separately

Review by Micah on 5/11/2010

Pros: 1.) Very few retailers sell the regulator by itself. 2.) Perfect for occasional oxygen use (single use tanks). I use sanitary filtered compressed air for up to 1.070 SG wort, but pure oxygen is mandatory for high gravity wort because of reduced oxygen permeability.

Cons: 1.) Small 1/8" barb requires a 1/8" to 1/4" adapter to connect most air diffusers.

Exactly what I expected

Review by Andrew V. on 4/27/2009

Pros: Only place I could find the regulator and it works perfectly on the small oxygen bottles from HD or Lowes

Cons: The nipple is much smaller than the oxygen stone nipple which is a pain to deal with when it comes to tubing.