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Well worth the money.

Review by Vince on 8/27/2018

I was looking for a good oxygen regulator at a reasonable price and found this. It works well with aquarium air hose and stone, you can get the oxygen bottles at your local hardware store.

Used for model rocket, Worked great!

Review by Spencer nagle on 11/22/2018

After seeing numerous videos on hybrid rocket engines I decided I wanted to build one of my own. Me being a kid I didn't do research and prematurely bought a cheap oxygen tank with a left-hand thread. None of my dad's torch nozzles fat on so I needed a cheap left thread nozzle. Upon looking on websites like Amazon I found nozzles over 30 dollars! I had already spent 40 on the project so when I saw this one for 10 dollars cheaper I had to buy it. I was a bit skeptical at first but after receiving it and trying it worked great. Although it may not look like it on the photo you can adjust the airflow which comes in handy. Do be warned though that when high volumes of gas flow through it will start to make a strange noise. No air seems to be escaping so I'm assuming it is something inside rattling. That only happens at 300psi so for other uses it should be fine.

Replacement for old one

Review by Greg B on 7/31/2019

i bought this same regulator with hose,wnd, & stone about 8 yrs ago. After several drops and hundreds of brews it gave it up. New one works great. GB

Oxygen Regulator

Review by Larry Tyler on 12/6/2019

I have only used one time so far. It will become one of my tools that I will use during my home brew process. Seems well made, and Williams Brewing had the best price around.

Simple, Works Well

Review by shande on 2/21/2020

I attached this to an oxygen cylinder I purchased locally. The left-hand threads prevent it from being used on other cylinders. I have used it twice with no issues. After 25 years of brewing I decided to step up my process by injecting the wort with pure oxygen to give the yeast all the help I can. Wow, what a difference during the fermentation process. In the past, my bubbler would stop after 4-5 days, but now I had bubbles into day 8.

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