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Works Well

Review by Nancy K on 1/26/2017

Does what it's supposed to do. Fits well on a Bernzomatic O2 cylinder, remembering it is left threaded. Aquarium tubing fits well, too. Just does its job nicely, without excessive spillage and hazard.

An economical way to build your own oxygenator

Review by John Yates on 2/3/2018

After looking at several different oxygenation kits, I found this valve to go on a disposable O2 tank that I got at the hardware store. With a 3’ section of tubing and a .5 micron air diffuser my own kit was complete. I just tied the diffuser to the long end of a brew spoon, turned on the air and gently stirred the bubbles into my cooled wort. After getting the best and most active fermentation ever...I’m a total believer in oxygenating the wort with pure O2. I could never get enough O2 into the wort by just shaking the fermentor.

Awesome price

Review by Alex P on 2/19/2018

For the money the best you can’t find it anywhere at a better price Thanks Williams brewing

Itme Q11 Oxygen Regulator

Review by Joe Wood on 3/6/2018

Work fine. The regulator did exactly what I wanted it to, ie turn the can of oxygen on and off. I do wish the control knob was made of metal vs plastic, but for this price something had to be compromised. Again excellent product, excellent service from the folks at Williams Brewing


Review by Jim on 4/17/2018

I purchased this regulator as a replacement for the one I have had for years. The barb (where the plastic tube is attached) on this regulator is considerably smaller (in diameter) than the 'typical' regulator. William's Brewing Responds: Yes, this small regulator fits 3/16" tubing, which also fits oxygen wands.

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