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Great Regulator, Great Deal

Review by Chris on 7/18/2012

This is a great little regulator at the best price I could find. Shipping was quick. This had made a difference in the quality of my fermentations!

Works well but the bottles don't last

Review by Martin on 4/15/2013

The Home Depot Oxygen bottles work fine with this regulator; however, the bottles cost $10 and do not last long. Better off buying a 2 micron air stone and air pump. You will need to run the air pump longer but it much cheaper in the long run.

Mandatory tool for giving yeast Oxygen

Review by Tarsicio on 7/25/2013

I picked up this tool and use it with every batch that I brew. I like that you can pick up this component, makes it cheaper if you already the other parts.

Work Great

Review by Jimmy on 8/15/2013

Does what it needs to do. Extremely cost effective and a solid product.

Great regulator and great price

Review by Jayson on 10/15/2015

The regulator is well built. It's smooth to adjust to get a gentle flow. Note that the hose barb is not removable and is 3/16", whereas most carbonation/oxygenation stones have 1/4" hose barbs. You can force a 1/4" hose barb into 3/16" hose, but its very difficult to remove then. You can use a hose clamp and probably get a good seal, but there's a good chance it'll leak. What I did is buy a nylon hose coupler (Menards sells them) for 1/4" hose and then force it into the 3/16" hose on the regulator side, and 1/4" hose on the other side to the stone.

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