Average rating 8.58490566037736 out of 10 ( based on 53 reviews )

Our Favorite

Review by Adele E. on 8/7/2007

Pros: This wonderful ale is my husband's and my favorite William's kit so far(which keeps us from branching out, since we cannot imagine liking any other as well!). This is a smooth, full bodied beer, with a nicely sweet, malty flavor. I have made this several times now and find that it is very drinkable soon after refrigeration. We've had many friends and family that have shared our enjoyment of this brew, as well.

Cons: None!

What a great beer!

Review by Robert S. on 6/8/2007

Pros: I have done several Williams kits and this one is high on the list of great beer kits. I don't like high hopped beers and this one had just the right touch. I only waited 2 weeks after bottling before trying (I have no self control or patience).

Cons: None.

Lots of taste

Review by Randall H. on 5/14/2007

Pros: A good strong beer. Let it age a least a month or more in the bottle for the flavors to blend.

Not for the faint-of-heart!

Review by David P. on 4/18/2007

Pros: This is the beer to have if you're having just one (ok, or just two!) A serious quaff, with excellent maltiness and hearty flavors. This doesn't taste like a liquid malt kit - it's really first-rate. Let this one age a while before opening the first one...

Cons: This beer is clearly described as being high in alcohol, however in my opinion it suffers from somewhat too much octane.

Good for the cold season

Review by William H. on 1/4/2007

Pros: Very rich and full of flavor beer, great for after dinner on a cold night was a big hit with my close friends.

Cons: Everyone enjoyed it but a few said it was a little too sweet for thier taste.