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Review by David G. on 8/13/2008

Pros: This is an excellent beer. It is rich in flavor and alcohol. Its maltiness is balanced by the hops so it is neither sweet nor bitter. It's perfect for a cold fall day. Especially when enjoyed outside by a fire.

Cons: More expensive, but not without reason.

Great Beer!

Review by Randy D. on 8/5/2008

Pros: Working on drinking my third kit now and enjoying every glass. This is a great rich beer with a smooth caramel flavor that never gives a heavy impression. A little better kick than most makes for a good relaxing eve by the fire. I’ll be back for more.

Cons: Have to hide from friends or it evaporates fast.

Highly Recommended

Review by on 7/14/2008

Pros: Brewed this ale to be ready over the fourth of July. Came out excellent!! Great full bodied taste, not too hoppy. Everyone loved it, was gone before I knew it. Recommend not letting it age too long. Was ready and delicious early in the aging process, doesn't require the full five weeks.

Cons: Goes too quickly.

good bear, but had some carbonation issues

Review by Justin K. on 7/13/2008

Pros: Taste was good for those of you who like a hoppier flavor. Also, it wasn't hard to make.

Cons: Not sure if something went wrong in the process or if it's just the nature of this kit but this turned out to be by far my most carbonated batch ever. If I didn't pour ultra slow into the glass I'd end up with a full pint of foam.

fireside ale

Review by TIMOTHY C. on 7/11/2008

Pros: Very simple brewing process. Excellent results. Simply put-fantastic beer !!!! Everyone that tried the beer raved about it. Absolutely a do-over beer. The description does not do this beer justice.

Cons: Only makes 5 gallons