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Good winter brew

Review by Jason on 10/4/2014

This made a great winter time brew!

Excellent winter warmer

Review by John on 9/13/2014

I had been eyeing the Fireside ale for years and finally pulled the trigger last winter. I read about FG issues and coming up short on ABV, so I added a pound of mixed corn sugar and rice solids that I had lying around, made a starter from the provided yeast, and oxygenated the wort before pitching. It fermented hard and fast and I ended up at 7.8% ABV! It was a little raw at first, even after 10 days in the primary and 4 weeks in secondary, but after about a month in the keg, it was positively sublime. I recommend kegging and force-carbonating if you can rather than bottle conditioning due to longer secondary fermentation and good yeast flocculation. But the stuff just continued to get better for the two months it lasted in the keg. I also think the addition of the extra pound of fermentables, especially corn/rice so as to not increase the already heavy body, was just the trick to get the alcohol level I wanted to balance the beautifully heavy malt profile. Highly recommended!!

One of my favorites!

Review by John on 1/25/2014

If you like malty ales, you will love this kit. It's very easy to make and has turned out great for me every time I've made it. Be sure to give it the full 5 weeks of bottle conditioning before drinking, per the instructions. I will continue to be a regular customer for this one.

Better with Age

Review by Franky on 10/2/2013

This Fireside Ale was the first batch of homebrew that I ever did. I have to be honest, after 2 weeks in the primary and 3-4 weeks of bottle conditioning I was really pretty disappointed. Would have given it 2, maybe 3 stars. However, I ended up leaving the bottles sit for a few months. I just popped one open after almost 7 months of conditioning. WOW! It is one of my favorite brews I have ever had. I know it can be hard, but do yourself a favor. Make it, bottle it, and then forget about it! Let it go for at least 6 months and enjoy!

What a great ale!!

Review by Scott on 4/15/2013

Well, being new to home brewing, I have just finished my 3rd product from William's Brewing, the Fireside Ale. What a wonderful suprise, a great well rounded taste with a full body and beautiful color. Mine came in at 6.9%, and with the first taste, the complextiy of the brew jumps out at you. I am new, and this is great, easy to make, and great to drink.