Average rating 8.58490566037736 out of 10 ( based on 53 reviews )

Fireside Ale

Review by Michael Green on 4/9/2021

I have brewed this Ale twice with GREAT results. Will brew it again.

Fireside Ale

Review by Tim Haney on 8/11/2019

Packaging, my yeast packet was activated when I received it. The company sent me a new one within two days, great job. Beer was easy to brew and it's fabulous.

Easy Brewing

Review by David Ray Beth on 1/30/2019

Easy brewing is the only way to go. Take the time to ferment as required and then enjoy the fruits of your little labor. Just bottled Fireside last Saturday and now waiting patiently for aging and carbonation. Yum!!!

Serials 4 & 10

Review by robert on 3/30/2016

None of the Williams beer kits thus far have disappointed, i'm up to batch 13. Batches 4 & 10 were both fireside: the former was last summer, we just cracked open the first of batch 10. we were supposed to wait until late next week, but this first bottle is so good... how can i wait 6 months like some of the reviews suggest? Rich flavor with complex hints of malt and fruit. It's going to be difficult holding back... the colder the better. As it warms, a bit of an alcohol, mediciney bite starts to come out.

Worst beer I've ever made - Just not good

Review by Aaron on 3/21/2016

I looked so forward to this ale. Based on reviews, it should be one of the best I've done. Got it & looked forward to sipping the final product, while enjoying the cool/cold weather. I was disappointed to say the least. Brew process went well. Brewed late June '15, to give plenty of aging time before fall. No issues & everything went as expected. OG was right on target. Performed primary and secondary fermentation, with FG coming out OK. Left in bottle for 2 months & tried it. Was NOT a good experience. Left another month & tried again. Nope. Left it another month - still bad. Finally, went back to it this weekend, as I've seen some reviews say 6-9 months for the best taste to come out. Negatory. Still bad and I'd argue, getting worse. I know I'm in the minority on this, but I know good beer when I taste it. This isn't good beer. I've done 60+ brews & am familiar with the process. Either this was a bad batch or is a bad beer. Going to pour out and waste about 40 bottles worth. :(