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Phenomenal Brew!!!

Review by Crows Nest on 6/2/2014

Wow this was by far the best beer Ive ever made! Done over a dozen malt extract kits and the Belgian Double was hands down the best tasting beer ever!! Great color, great malty finish, amazing flavor. I couldnt wait to get off work so I could go home and drink this. This is also the first beer kit Ive ever considered duplicating. Im sure Ill be making this one again and again.

First-Rate Brew Second Time, Too!

Review by robert on 12/1/2015

This was the beer that came with the starter kit for batch 1. We brewed it again for batch 7. Not disappointed in the least. It was good to come back to this one after the intervening batches. The only problem now: try a new brew, or stick with the ones we know we like... decisions, decisions...

Another Winner From Williams

Review by Mark on 6/30/2018

This is my third brew and I had been dying to try making a Belgian beer as they are my favorite. I was not disappointed as the folks at Williams Brewing have put together an easy to make authentic Belgian Double kit. My only deviation from the instructions was to oxygenate for 3 minutes once it was in the fermentation demijohn and it seemed to work out just great. This was the first beer that I have put into a keg rather than bottles and it carbonated nicely using the forced carbonation method. I couldn't wait to try it so started drinking it after 1 week which meant that it was pretty cloudy but 3 weeks in it is definitely starting to clear up. If my calculations are correct it should be perfectly clear around the time that I pull the last pint! All in all, very pleased. Great job Williams Brewing!

A good Belgian but...

Review by sean D. on 11/16/2018

Years ago this kit contained amber Belgian beet rock candy and the result was a spectacular brew. The current sugar resembles ordinary table sugar (similar to the enclosed priming sugar?) and tastes the same. Result is a lighter color. Have substituted the sugar for 10oz. blackstrap molasses and the result has improved taste and darkened color. Still a great kit but please put back the beet rock candy.

great beer

Review by marc on 7/12/2019

the kit was good, instructions were easy to follow, the beer turned out very good, absolutely no complaints

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