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Good at first, Excellent when I fianlly let some age

Review by Brise on 8/26/2012

The first batch was my first solo kit. I followed the basic instructions and started drinking it within three weeks of priming. It was good and didn't last long, but I did notice that each one seemed a little more flavorful than the previous. Later I ran another batch, aged it three weeks and threw it in the cooler and forgot it for a few months. Wow! Even my barely-beer-drinking-wife liked it. Pros - the temp requirements don't seem to be absolute. I aged it at about 72F for three weeks before storing it at about 30F for three months Cons - none. It all tasted good.


Review by Russ on 1/19/2013

Followed instructions for 1/2 and added 24oz raspberries to other 1/2 for 10 days in secondary. Still a little green but both are going to rock in a couple more weeks!

The best without mashing

Review by MAX on 7/27/2013

This beer came it delicious. Like the review above my wife really enjoyed it. And me, we'll I had to hide a few after tasting. I knew it would finish better with time. Max

this Double is like dating twins

Review by Jeff on 8/7/2013

This was my 2nd Recipe from Williams. The first a Belgian Blonde turned out excellent. The double simply turned out to be two times the fun. It has a terrific flavor and an awesome color. I followed the recipe with the exception of transferring to a secondary. I had a business trip and the batch was not ready for bottling. At the recommendation of an experienced brewer, I transferred to a secondary. In total 11 days in primary and 10 in secondary. I bottled it and let it rest for another 9 days. End result AWESOME. A friend who is not much of a beer drinker tried the blonde and the double. Liked both but hands down loved the double. As a matter of fact, he stopped on the way home and purchased some craft beer. I look forward to trying the triple and quadruple but am not sure if I can take that much fun.

Can't miss

Review by Richard on 1/24/2014

I've made this Double three times with great results. Excellent taste and color. Head formation and retention are just right. It's great to have a really good Belgian Ale that is this easy to make. No special aeration, oxygenation or use of secondary fermenter required. It's become my "must have" home brew to keep in stock.

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