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Belgian Double

Review by Sacman on 10/25/2009

Pros: I made this as my second batch of home brew. It turned out great. I can't believe how easy the kits are to make. I will hardly ever buy bottled beer again. I renamed it trailer trash ale after a friend of mine. Made for great laughs.

Cons: None at all.

Great Brew

Review by blramrjj5 on 2/6/2010

Pros: This brew was a great color with a nice head. Also, this is the way to finish a hard day work. It even better knowing it your own.

Cons: none

NIcely balanced, good bodied beer!

Review by Robert B. on 2/15/2010

Pros: I'm drinking some right now and it is good! After 2 months or so in the bottle, it has kind of a banana taste to it. They call it estery, I'm thinking Saaz hops here, but after the 2 months or so, very good! Some guys loved it after the week or so in the bottle. I've got to at least give it an 8. Not usually my cup of tea, Saaz hops, but really very good overall.

Cons: A distinct hoppy taste. I over did it with Saaz hops once and have'nt been a fan since, but I am impressed with this one.


Review by neil on 9/6/2011


Very Nice

Review by BrewHam on 9/6/2011

My first Williams kit (but brew #59 for me). Williams doesn't share their recipes so the type of hops is a mystery. I steeped 1/2 pound of Pale Ale grain to add some body because I am paranoid about beers with just extract. Not sure it was necessary. I also made a starter to supplement the Wyeast SmackPack. Fermented at 66F for two weeks, then racked at room temp, 74F, for two weeks before bottling. The result was very good. Everyone liked it, from the beer-snob porter sipper son-in-law to my Coors lite wife. The high alcohol content is not for sissies. This is not a difficult beer to make but is sure to please a lot of tastes.

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