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Best Brew Kit.....Ever!!!

Review by Jess M. on 11/21/2008

Pros: This Belgian Double is awesome. I've spent the past year using another "E-Z Bake" kit from another company and until I purchased this kit from William's Brewing, I didn't realize what I was missing. This kit produces a Belgian Ale that is smooth and mildly fruity-tasting. Mine finished with an aftertaste of cloves and oranges. It may not sound so good but...trust me...it's a great taste and very true to the Belgian Ale tradition. The real bonus to all of this is that in addition to the great taste and mouthfeel of this beer, it packs a nice little alcoholic punch. I don't know why but mine finished out a tad bit higher than the advertised ABV. About a percent above. I'm now fermenting a Belgian Triple and looking forward to its maturity.

Cons: Time. Good beer, no matter what type, takes a little patience. As a rule of thumb, I always figure for two weeks of fermentation and three to five weeks of bottle conditioning. So five weeks...at the minimum...for a good homebrewed Belgian Beer.


Review by David D. on 4/24/2009

Pros: The best homebrew I have made yet. Very easy to make and everyone who tried it loved it. Can't wait to make another batch

Cons: none

Too sweet, but it was my first kit

Review by Ethan D. on 8/16/2009

Pros: Fast shipping, easy instructions, I can tell there is a quality flavor there.

Cons: Don't know if I had a problem with yeast, packet wasn't fully swollen after several days, or if I fermented to warm perhaps? But the end product was very sweet.

can't afford to fly to Belgium for beer this good

Review by william j. on 10/1/2009

Pros: 1rst. William's brewing can't get any better.2nd. Not one person who has tried it has any bad comments other than is this all i get? The head retention is unreal all the way till the last drop. I added other spices jus to make it as original as possible ....excellent beer.

Cons: I didn't make enough.

Getting better all the time....

Review by Keith N. on 10/4/2009

Pros: When your friends say they like it, you know you're doing it right. This is the best I've brewed so far. Light, a hint of fruitiness, no bitter aftertaste, leaves you grabbing for another.

Cons: No complaints.

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