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Great Stuff!

Review by Raymond M. on 1/1/2006

Pros: After making/drinking this beer, it is hard to go to a bar, microbrewery or even the liquor store as I find it hard to find a beer which I like. People that normally don't drink like it and those who are particular drinkers, want to know how to make it.

Cons: None.

Candy sugar flavored beer

Review by zendog3 on 3/20/2006

Pros: I tasted the candy sugar that is an ingredient in the kit. Sweet, yes but with a very distinctive flavor other than sweetness. That sugar flavor (other than sweetness) is a distinctive component of this beer and may be why some infrequent beer drinkers like it. Another nice feature of this beer is that it carries higher than average alcohol content well. It is hard to make a higher than average alcohol beer that tasts good -- and this is beer I am proud to offer to my guests. You can also drink a couple of these without feeling full. I will make this beer again, but not soon. There are other beers to try and this is not at the top of my list of favorite beers. The average rating here seems to be 9 and this is better than average but grade low.

Cons: Not particularly good with food.

Successful first brew

Review by C. Kennedy on 10/28/2007

Pros: This is the first beer that I attempted to brew, and was quite nervous when I popped the first one. Turns out that it was fine. In fact, it tasted just like a good Belgian beer...imagine that. I recommend this one to anyone looking for their "first brew".

Cons: not sure that I can think of any at the moment...

Great First Brew

Review by Ironman718 on 3/30/2008

Pros: Excellent flavor, easy to brew. I was ske[tical at first while I was making it, assuming it wouldn't come out right. After I popped the first one, I knew I was wrong....it came out great. I actually found it hard to drink store bought beer after that.

Cons: None

Belgian Double

Review by Kirby F. on 4/12/2008

Pros: Very easy to make. Couldn't have been simpler. Very tasty. I've given out a few bottles and nothing but an A+ from everyone. Give it a couple of extra weeks in the bottle. 3 is recommended. It's much better at 5 or 6 weeks. Improves greatly with age. Be patient.

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