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Great Product!

Review by Jim Greco on 8/14/2015

I picked up a used keg from a local retailer and had an issue with low pressure sealing...simply washing the keg would leak if I turned it upside down with the lid in place. Under high pressure - above 20 - it sealed fine. Replacing it with a new seal of the same type did not resolve the issue so I picked up 2 of these and replaced the original and it instantly sealed. These are a little softer and a slightly thicker. So if you have a sealing issue whether caused by a slightly warped lid or keg rim these will fix it!

I forgot about these....

Review by William on 9/5/2014

Now that I'm brewing more and trying to ferment in kegs, these are a must because of the low pressures... Works good. Ordering 4 more now.


Review by Steven on 3/13/2014

I've been trying to fix a leaky keg lid for the longest time and nothing seemed to work until I found this part and gave it a shot. So glad I did! It was an amazingly easy fix! Wish I had known about it sooner.

Nice job

Review by Dan on 1/27/2014

Works as advertised. I would not hesitate to buy again if needed.

Works well, wish it was silicone

Review by Bret on 10/21/2013

I prefer silicon rings but couldn't find one thick enough to seal a keg I need sealed without pressure. This worked.