Average rating 9.85 out of 10 ( based on 40 reviews )

Seals leaky cornie

Review by Brendan Lahiff on 4/9/2017

I had a keg that would notoriously leaky keg that would empty a 5lb CO2 cannister in 2 days. This extra thick o-ring did the trick - no more leaky keg!

Worth every penny!

Review by Ken B on 4/18/2017

Had a leaky keg that I tried multiple o rings on and nothing worked. Tried this and no leaks at all. Perfect. I can put that keg back in rotation.

Thicker O ring

Review by Daniel Sobral on 4/21/2017

Cannot beat it to seal an older, leaky keg. Work as advertised. Great product.

Keg Savers!

Review by Bill T on 10/2/2017

I was about to throw a couple kegs away because they kept leaking at the lid O ring. Then I saw these mentioned in Homebrew Finds, and decided to take a chance and buy a few. Amazingly, they performed as advertised. While I thought they were relatively expensive, they turned out to be a good investment, as I have three now-usable kegs which were going to go to the scrapheap. A lot cheaper than buying replacements.

O rings

Review by Steve on 12/11/2017

Immediately solved the sealing issues on our corny kegs. Should have gotten these years ago. Well worth the investment.

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