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Review by Kevin G. on 6/7/2016

This is pretty awesome. I found it shortly after a CO2 tank emptied unexpectedly. This did the trick. No more worrying about a proper seel.

Awesome Product

Review by Forrest on 7/28/2016

I bought a used 10 gallon keg to do primary fermentation in and found I couldn't get it to seal. I tried everything, excessive keg lube, nickels under the feet and banging it with a hammer. Then I found these and it sealed right up and has been working great for me!

Seals the Deal!

Review by Jay Waldner on 10/30/2016

I had a keg lid that was leaking around the o-ring and lost a entire canister of CO2. I tried bending the keg lid legs but was unable to even get them to move. I tried some gasket lube but it wasn't enough and thought the only option left was to buy a new lid but then I came across this product. It did the job! I put the seal on, pressurized the keg and tested it with the Williams pressure tester several days without any drop in pressure. Thanks for carrying the best keg parts around!

Should have bought an extra gasket!

Review by Paul on 12/2/2016

I purchased one of these oversized gaskets to fix a leak in a pin lock keg I purchased (PRV needed to be replaced too). A normal sized o-ring for the lid did not fix this problem, even with a lot of keg lube. I would try to reseat the lid multiple times and what not with no success. I even tried a new keg lid that I had from a new keg I recently bought and it still leaked around the new regular size o-ring. Once I received this oversized o-ring and placed it on the keg lid with some keg lube, problem was solved! Now I am kicking myself for not ordering more to have on hand if I source more used kegs that may exhibit the same problem! Thanks Williams Brewing for a great product!

Perfect Solution For Leaks

Review by Kevin on 3/1/2017

Had a pesky corny with a slightly misshapen opening that couldn't seal with any lid I tried. This o-ring was the perfect solution. It put that keg back into rotation after sitting in the corner of my brewery collecting dust.

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