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Great Product!

Review by Jim Greco on 8/14/2015

I picked up a used keg from a local retailer and had an issue with low pressure sealing...simply washing the keg would leak if I turned it upside down with the lid in place. Under high pressure - above 20 - it sealed fine. Replacing it with a new seal of the same type did not resolve the issue so I picked up 2 of these and replaced the original and it instantly sealed. These are a little softer and a slightly thicker. So if you have a sealing issue whether caused by a slightly warped lid or keg rim these will fix it!

Works Every Time!

Review by Russ on 8/17/2015

I have never had one of these O-rings leak. Never... I have converted ~ 5 of my 10 kegs over, and will eventually switch the rest. They don't even need to be pressurized to "pop the bead" like the standard O-rings.

Must have for used kegs

Review by Nick on 3/25/2016

Tried one and then switched over all my kegs. Perfect seal every time.

fixed that mystery keg leak

Review by Ryan on 4/12/2016

After regularly loosing pressure over several days and unable to find the leak by spraying starsan everywhere, I finally decided to try out these orings. Sure enough, solved the problem with zero leak down now. Wish I had tried them sooner.

Worked like a charm

Review by Miles on 5/30/2016

Bought some used corny kegs with slightly damaged top fittings. Oversized rings did the trick!

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