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Oversize Keg Lid Sealing 'O' Ring

Review by Aaron on 3/22/2019

Fantastic product. A perfect fix for a couple of my older kegs that began to have slow lid leaks. I will certainly be purchasing more.

Oversize corny keg lid O ring.

Review by Steve Dixon on 2/4/2019

A face-lift that will extend the life of my kegs and save me money on CO2. Highly recommend.

Seal with no pressure

Review by Kevin on 12/8/2018

These gaskets are amazing and seal with no CO2 pressure. The only problem with the two I received was that they gave off an extremely strong sulphur smell when I sprayed them with Starsan (they were first cleaned with PBW). The smell went away after a 20 minute soak in Starsan. Apparently whatever chemical that was reacting with the Starsan was used up during the soak and they now give off no odor. I feel like this should be mentioned in the description so nobody ruins an entire keg of beer.

Problem Solver

Review by Barry on 8/9/2018

This is a great product for folks using old, crappy equipment like me. Hate to throw things away if they can be fixed. These oversized seals are a great solution.

Awesome Oversized O-Rings

Review by Troy on 5/8/2018

I have been looking for over sized keg o-rings for a long time and found them at Williams Home Brewing. They are the answer to old kegs that are hard to seal. A few dollars for over sized o-rings is way better than buying new kegs!