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over sized keg lid 'O' ring

Review by scott on 11/22/2012

size DOES matter when working with used kegs. this product seemed tp solve my problems on gas lost. that's why i ordered two more! thanx williams....... the hokey home brewer in deland

Puffy O rings

Review by Emmertainer on 4/13/2013

Great product, stops leaks, no downside.

Works awesome!

Review by Robert on 4/13/2013

Used this on two kegs that wouldn't seal and solved the problem right away. I'm gonna buy more for back-ups.

Old Keg Soution

Review by Doug on 6/10/2013

These are the bomb!! Had a bunch of older kegs and have replaced the o-rings with standard size with less than favorable results. My 3 gallon kegs were pretty much worthless as they all leaked below 7 psi. After I found these, I bought 6 of the soft o-rings and it fixed every keg I put them on - WELL worth the extra cost over standard o-rings. It's like beer insurance. :-) Thanks Williams!

Pretty good

Review by Reinstone on 7/25/2013

These fixed the leaks on 4 of 5 of my problem kegs. Like it was said its not a miracle worker but I have found that if you bend the latches in a little bit, this will help make the seal tight. I like these a lot and its better than buying a new keg......but the price is a bit steep. This is the only place you'll find them, thanks williams.

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