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yeast, nottingham

Review by jon c. on 2/5/2010

Pros: excellent floculation and stability !This is a great ale yeast that produces nice tones in the beer by not going to high in the abv range, 5.0 max here , it is a powerful yeast that does a complete fermantation and most importantly is reliable .

Cons: like any dry yeast ,care must be taken in hydrating the yeast prior to contact with the wort .

Nottingham Ale Dry Yeast

Review by Robert S. on 8/6/2009

Pros: This is the best yeast I have found for the type of brewing I do, good, quick fermentation leaves a clean beer and tastes good with any hops.

Cons: Only the last package out of about 100 I have used was dead, not bad!

Strong stuff!

Review by Tim on 1/3/2009

Pros: Great choice for English style ales. Fast fermenter, flocs well and sets up a dense cake - easy to rack off a nice clean beer. Clean flavor.

Cons: Might want to use a blowoff tube... sometimes starts so strong that it pushes the airlock out!

Nottinham Rocks!

Review by EdWort on 7/24/2008

Pros: A great clean Dry Yeast that absolutly kicks butt! I use it to make my Bee Cave Brewer Haus Pale Ale, a very popular recipe. Just google it.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Good all purpose ale yeast.

Review by larrymaler on 3/22/2008

Pros: I ferment with this yeast at 65degF, and it blows off prodigiously: I lose 0.3 gallons out of a 6.5 gallon batch. (Then 0.2 gallons is lost in sediment so I get 6 gal exactly.) It ferments very fast and pretty cleanly for an ale yeast.

Cons: I think it is absolutely necessary to rehydrate properly and to make a 1 quart starter.