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Awesome heater!

Review by MARK B. on 12/14/2005

Pros: You cannot find a better way to control your fermentation temp than using a digital controller with a probe that is in the fermentor. I use one of these Brewer's Edge heaters in a 13.7 cu.ft. freezer and it has no problem keeping the temp into the lower 70's (I haven't tried it any higher) during the winter where my basement gets into the low 40's. I have two freezer&conacle setups. Thw first one I put together I used a different type of space heater which I am replacing with one of these Brewer's Edge's. These mount real nice, the other type I taped on. I've been using it for over a year. It has a great adhesive backing and sticks to the freezer wall very well. Nice construction, will last a long time. -Mark 7NUNS

Cons: None.