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Works great!

Review by Kyle on 4/19/2013

I rigged this up to my Ranco temperature controller in an old fridge I'm using as a fermentation chamber and for my first brew in my new chamber, it kept the temp at a constant 68 degrees in my basement. Sweet!

Great for small enclosures

Review by Jimmy on 4/16/2013

I have this mounted to the inner wall of my mini-fridge fermentation chamber. The space heater and the refrigerator itself are controlled by a Ranco 2-stage temperature controller, and I am able to regulate the temperature very well to within +- 1 degrees F. This works very well for the small enclosed space that I am working with, but given that the heater must first heat the surrounding air in order to raise the temperature of the beer, I do not imagine that it would work as well with a larger chamber. In this case, I'd recommend something more direct, like the Brew Belt.

Perfect Heating Solution

Review by Scott on 4/15/2013

I had been searching for an easy way to ramp up temperatures in my chest freezer and was recommended this heater. It does the job perfectly, ramps up temperatures quickly and is very economical. Thanks for the great product William's!

Great addition to my chest freezer

Review by Bill on 4/14/2013

I have used this product for over 10 years. This product works very well in my chest freezer to help maintain a constant temperature during fermentation. Great product and highly recommend to maintain constant temperature in your chest freezer. I use in conjunction with my temp controller.

Huge Help for Cheap

Review by Emmertainer on 4/13/2013

I tried a couple other options for ensuring bottles properly carbed before I came across this one. Wish I had found this first. Small, effective and cost effective. Works great in my freezer, don't have to worry about using bulbs that might go out or break. Live in a moderate climate with freezers indoors so I cannot speak to anything but use under these conditions -- where it works like a charm.