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Works as advertised

Review by Brew Bama on 4/10/2022

….just understand that this is 15 psi. If you are transferring with a few points prior to FG to carbonate your beer, you may need a higher psi.


Review by Josh on 4/17/2021

Picked this up for my fermentasaurus pressure kit for pressure fermentation. Easy to set psi, easy to clean! Would buy again!


Review by HogriderJ on 2/14/2021

Something leaked and I am not sure what is. I suspected it was this valve or the plastic QD attached to the top. I am going to try this with water and see if I can pinpoint where the leak came from

New to Spunding Valves

Review by Austin Garfield on 1/24/2020

I only recently read about Spunding Valves which I've heard have been used for years with Pilsners. This was easy to assemble and worked great with a Belgian Strong Dark that I just brewed. After open fermenting for 24 hours, I added Spunding Valve and got to 6 psi over the rest of fermentation. I am going to experiment with other beer styles and see where this works best.

great spunding valve

Review by Michael Harper on 10/20/2019

This was so easy to put together, easy to set and it works perfectly. Just brewed my first beer using it and it works perfectly as advertised.