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Grandfather cam lock conversion kit

Review by Daniel L. McShan on 12/14/2019

Really appreciated finding all the parts for this conversion together in one kit. i have installed it but not actually tried it. Installation was easy other than the need to hacksaw the previous screw connector off the mash feed pipe. Seems like it should be an improvement.

Works well. A little difficult to complete

Review by Scott L. on 10/28/2019

I will start off by saying that the cam locks really do make the brew day easier. I’ve tried it on 2 brews and it works very nicely. I would give the kit a 5 except for one point. The connection of the new hot wort-in tubing to the chiller is a bit difficult due to it being much larger in diameter than the original tube. It was a bit of a struggle to get it on and secured with a hose clamp but I was able to do it without any leaks. Overall I’m very pleased with the quality of the parts and the new ease of use of the Grainfather.

Grainfather Cam Lock Conversion Kit

Review by Scott Miltenberger on 10/21/2019

All in all the conversion kit is pretty good. The only issue I have is the the fitting for the counter flow chiller doesn't mate up to the female fitting very well. The fitting for the recirc line fits perfectly.

Makes and amazing machine even better.

Review by Timothy LaDucer on 10/16/2019

Adding cam locks to my grain father was the best modification I have done to it this far! It makes switching out the recirculating arm and cross chiller much easier. There are a few caveats with this kit though. First the tubing supplied for the chiller fitting will not work with the first generation chiller as it has compression fittings on the inlet and outlet hoses. The hose is just too fat. I was able to fit the OE tubing over the cam lock fitting. It was a tight fit. Secondly you really need to watch the video prior to doing this retrofit.

Pretty nice, after install hiccup

Review by TP on 10/15/2019

It works flawlessly. Only problem was attaching the male end to the CFC. The hose included did not fit the CFC barb/fitting (hose was too large). Used the original hose instead, but it took a lot of elbow grease (dishwashing soap and hot water, actually) to stretch it over the barb on the male cam lock fitting. Aside from that, all is great!