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Top notch customer service!

Review by Kirt on 9/29/2021

These were exactly the right parts for my Grainfather G30! I was a little confused on the compression fitting and called them up. Someone answered right away and took the time to walk me through how it works and give me some pro tips along the way. Awesome customer service and great mod for the Grainfather. Thanks guys!

ood Kit, Love the Cam Locks, Small issue

Review by Chris Towry on 2/8/2021

Really like this upgrade for the Grainfather. Much easier to use than the screw on / off fittings that burn your hands. The only shortcoming in the kit is that my hose for the cooler is around 5/16 and the kit ships with a 1/2 nipple on the Cam Lock fitting and 1/2 tubing to use. There is no way to use the 1/2 tubing with the standard reverse flow chiller that came with my GF. I was able to heat up the stock tubing in boiling water and make it go on the 1/2 fitting far enough to work but it is sketchy. Longer term solution will be a step down in-line barbed fitting to adapt the hose diameter down. Cheap and Easy but a small frustration none the less. Other than that very good, easy to install kit.

Super Easy to Convert!

Review by Oscar on 3/14/2020

I read some reviews regarding this conversion and they were not all positive. I had no problem converting my Grainfather to the Cam Lock's. It took me less than 20 minutes. If you have any issues installing the new hose, simple use a very small amount of keg lube. Happy Brewing!

Game Changer

Review by Eric on 2/3/2020

I was on the waiting list for this conversion kit for about six months. Worth every second. :) If you're even slightly handy you can fix one of the worst design flaws of the grainfather. Should have be camlocks all along. As many have commented the barb for the counterflow is too large. I wanted it to 90 into the tubing so I bought a SS barb 90 and a female threaded cam lock. It was completely worth it. I love the setup. Each new improvement makes the system feel more like mine. A robobrew false bottom has also been absolutely worth it. Fits perfectly, and solve issue of me knocking off the bazooka filter on the pump. Next step is figuring out how to put a handle on the lid. I'm sure the next generation of grainfather will fix all these issues, but the system is so much better than my old propane system. Brewing indoors is such a game changer. :)

Love the change!

Review by Scott on 1/24/2020

After a frustrating period of time and a machine shop too, to get the compression fitting onto the cut recirculating pipe. But when I did, it has now changed my entire brew day. I was consistently getting stuck mash in my Grainfather. With this kit, it allows for more wort to flow faster through the grain bed. I had a very successful brew day with no complications and I owe it all to this Cam Lock Kit. Thanks Williams Brewing!