Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 18 reviews )

Flow control

Review by Marty on 7/31/2019

Works great. I use it for carbonated water, which has a high psi. Keeps theater from "blasting" out of the tap.

Won't connect

Review by JimC on 7/31/2019

I have tried too many times to get this to work. It just won't attached to the liquid ball lock male connector. So disappointed. William's Responds: Jim, sounds like you received one with a machining issue. We are sending you a replacement.

Works as advertised

Review by Greg on 6/14/2019

I use this with water I keep on very very high carbonation combined with a very short line length (~20"). It works great! A flow control faucet didn't work for my application. It created tons of turbulence, which then pours the water in a weird off-center pattern with lots of foam and loses much of the carbonation. This restricts flow at the keg so the water stays under pressure in the lines and settles down before coming out of the faucet in a regular, fully carbonated stream.