Average rating 7.75 out of 10 ( based on 16 reviews )

Not for Keezers or Kegerators

Review by Craig Hairrell on 9/22/2019

I bought three of these for my keezer. Despite being wide open and using 2-ft lengths of large diameter tubing, I was unable to pour pints lower-carbonated beers like porter in under 30 seconds. Even wide open, these introduce a restriction. I wrote to Williams customer service and they replied saying: "We find they work best on keg faucets, where there is no tubing at all. They do restrict flow more than regular ball locks, and are probably not the ones to use with low carbonation English Ales. Other than that, people love them on Mini Kegs and as snap on ball lock faucets. We have a lot of customers now who do not brew at all, but dispense commercial kegs, which can sometimes have high carbonation levels. So they work in this situation also. We are also talking to Kegland about making them more universal, that is, able to flow wide open easily, and then tighten down, rather than the way they are today, which is partially restricted even at the largest setting."

Work as expected

Review by Ricardo Fritzsche on 9/18/2019

Solid and well made. For now, one week into its use, works as expected and it is much better than flow control at the faucet. Great design job!

Works pretty well

Review by Clint on 7/31/2019

Only complaint I have about these, really, is that the machining needs to be a little more polished. These things are razor sharp inside. The threads will cut you. Functionally these are great. I ordered them to replace all of the intertap flow control faucets I have on my keezer and to minimize the line balancing necessary on my jockey box. Worked well on both accounts.

Flow control

Review by Marty on 7/31/2019

Works great. I use it for carbonated water, which has a high psi. Keeps theater from "blasting" out of the tap.

Won't connect

Review by JimC on 7/31/2019

I have tried too many times to get this to work. It just won't attached to the liquid ball lock male connector. So disappointed. William's Responds: Jim, sounds like you received one with a machining issue. We are sending you a replacement.